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College Buildings                                                   Laboratories

HOD Room                                  One                      Educational Technology                     One

Office Room                                One                      Psychology                                          One

Lecture Rooms                           One                      Science                                                 One

Subject Teaching Rooms           Two                      Language Learning                             One

Toilets-Gents/Ladies                  Six                        ICT Computer                                      One

Multipurpose Hall                       Two                      Library Room                                       One

                                                                                  Canteen                                                One


Spacious Library with Reading Room facility caters to the needs of the students. There are 715 titles and 5405 books and its further development is under plan. Useful journals, periodicals and Newspapers are regularly subscribed.

Laboratories Details

Science Laboratory 

List of apparatuses and demonstration equipment equipment/materials shown in Annexure No 4.


Language Learning Laboratory

Details are show in Annexure No. 5 in below link


ET. Laboratory 

Details are shown In Annexure No. 6 in below link


Psychology Laboratory 

Equipments are listed in Annexure No. 7 in below link

Games & Sports

Our Academics

The quality of our education system is highly ranked and faculties of our institution are highly qualified. Expert subject literacy is provided by expert of subjects.

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Physical Education

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